Animals Speak

Throughout the ages, Animals have always been considered a highly complex and intriguing species. Scientists have spent several years and have often conducted a countless number of inhumane experiments in their endeavor to answer the age-old question, “Do Animals have emotions?” The answer to that question, quite simply put - is a huge resounding yes! Animals do in fact have emotions and like their human counterparts, Animals can experience feelings of sadness, happiness, depression, fear, contentment, anxiety and helplessness just to name a few.


Through her work as an Animal Communicator, Kathleen has had the distinct pleasure of chatting with and listening to many Animal Friends. Believe it or not, they have shared their thoughts, feelings and fears as well as their hopes and dreams with her.



Here are just a few conversation topics Kathleen has had with some lovely Animals:


·A turtle who was depressed because his human put him in an empty aquarium in a back room in their house and no one ever paid any attention to him – he wanted to be acknowledged and included like the dogs of the household were

·A dog who wanted to live out his old age in his human’s home – his home, and not be euthanized

·A cat who didn’t like the loud music his owner played

·Rabbits who wouldn’t go into their hutch at night because they were tired of their human screaming at them and not showing them respect or love

·A sheep who didn’t like people making fun of his name which was “Fonzie” – he wanted a regular name like “Charlie”

·A dog who was frantic and depressed because he thought his male human would never be able to find him in his new home - the dog last saw his human going through the doors of a hospital - no one ever explained to him that his male human had passed away 

As you can see, the thoughts and feelings of Animals are no more complex or different to those of a human. In reality, conversing with an Animal is literally not much different than having a chat with a human - they express their thoughts, feelings, concerns and opinions just like you and me. Kathleen has been "consciously" communicating with Animals since 2005 and has enjoyed every minute of it! The Animals have so much to say and teach us - all we need to do is take the time to listen.