“Mind, Body and Spirit for the Animal Soul”

Hello and welcome to Spiritual Pet! We are an original holistic website dedicated to healing the Mind, Body and Spirit of your Animal Friends.

At Spiritual Pet, our avant-garde use of combining alternative therapies such as Animal Communication, Tarot for Animals and Seichem-Reiki healing, will help you to better understand your Animal Companion as well as guarantee their health, happiness and general well-being. Whether your Animal may be carrying emotional scars that are manifesting in health problems and depression, they wish to communicate something to you, or they are just in need of a little extra TLC and attention -- our caring holistic approach will ensure your beloved companion is experiencing the life of fulfillment they deserve.

Spiritual Pet’s creator and founder Kathleen A. McCoy is a Professional Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) and an Intuitive Healer. Although her career in the Psychic and Healing Arts initially began primarily with humans -- over the past few years Kathleen has been quickly establishing herself amongst other pioneers in the field of Holistic Animal Heath and Healing. Her ever increasing popularity is attributed to her "down to earth" attitude, compassion, and quirky progressive style -- which combines various traditional alternative therapies, alongside her own cutting edge ideas and techniques to make certain your Animal Companion's individual needs are met.

Kathleen's deep respect and unique understanding of our profound spiritual bond with Animals began at a very early age. Her lifelong commitment to the Animal Kingdom is reflected in her work, Animal Advocacy and unwavering belief that all Animals are very special, sentient beings who come here not only to teach and guide us -- but to also fulfill their own extraordinary spiritual journey and purpose. It is our collective philosophy and Mantra at Spiritual Pet, that when Animals are given an opportunity and a voice -- they are able to make choices that allow them to have their happiest, healthiest lives.

We look forward to meeting you and your cherished Animal Companions,

Kathleen A. McCoy and Spiritual Pet