Courses: Tarot Reading for Animals, Seichem-Reiki for Animals

Intuitive Tarot

The Tarot for Animals course is a means for you to develop both your intuitive and psychic skills so that you can utilize them when you need either insight or guidance into an Animal Friend. By learning how to consult the Tarot on an intuitive level, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of your Companion's state of mind, wants and needs. The Tarot helps to break the communication barrier and thus, after taking this course, your relationship together will be enhanced and improve significantly.

Kathleen is proud to announce this new addition to her current line-up of courses. She has combined her knowledge and 30 years of experience working with the Tarot to compile a fascinating new course aimed at effectively using the Tarot for the benefit of our Animal Friends and Clients. Introducing:

Tarot for Animals - Beginners

"Divination for the Animal Soul"

This extraordinary new pet tarot reading course is currently the only one of its kind, and up until now, it has never been made available anywhere in the world. Throughout this fun-filled unique two-day course, students will be taken on an amazing journey of discovery and "Animal Enlightenment". Students will learn how to utilize their previous knowledge of the Tarot and apply it to our Animal Friends and Companions.

Whether you are an Animal lover, a Tarot enthusiast, or just merely curious, this magical groundbreaking course promises to enhance not only your intuitive and Tarot skills, it will also enable you to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the sacred spiritual connection we share with the animal kingdom. And guess what else? Our course is custom designed for the seasoned Tarot reader and beginners alike! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

**We have recently partnered with Tarot for Pets, so for up-to-date workshop information, special offers and other fun stuff for your furry, feathery or scaly little (or big!) friends, check out the new site!

Seichem-Reiki for Animals

Animal Seichem-Reiki Level One:

Students will receive their first initiation into the four rays of elemental healing and will also be given the Violet Flame attunement, which helps to further the personal clearing process. Class discussion will include a brief history of Reiki, components of Seichem, the chakra system, treatment techniques and self-healing. Participants will be able to practice hands on healing with other class members in order to feel and utilize the energies on humans before learning about the treatment of Animals.

After the basic introductions to the energies, the emphasis will shift to Animals and Pets. We will discuss various examples of using energy healing on Animals, Animal chakras, how to treat an Animal in various situations, how to read the Animal and how to use intuition to troubleshoot an ailment.

Animal Seichem-Reiki Level Two: 

Students will receive their second initiation into the four rays of elemental healing and will also be given the YOD attunement, which connects the student to higher thought patterns and further opens the heart to love and compassion. Class participants will learn about the sacred symbols and how to utilize them during an Animal or Human Healing and in their everyday lives.

We will continue practicing hands on healing with the emphasis shifting to using "intuition" and "psychic awareness" to provide greater accuracy during Animal and Human Healings. An introduction to Animal Communication will be given as to help better enable the Healer to work with their Animal Friend.


Animal Seichem-Reiki Mastership Level:

Students will receive their third and final initiation into the four rays of elemental healing. The Mastership level is a very powerful initiation and many people experience greater spiritual and psychic awareness as a result. Students will learn how to initiate others into the three levels of Seichem-Reiki, the Violet Flame and YOD. We will discuss professional conduct and ethical behavior associated with giving attunements and teaching.

In this final course, the emphasis on Animal Communication and psychic awareness will continue. Students will continue learning techniques for utilizing their own intuitive abilities to enhance their healing work with Animals.

Animal Seichem-Reiki for Healers and Practitioners:


This course was developed for those students who have already been initiated into some form of Reiki or Seichem, and are already familiar with utilizing those healing energies in their work with humans. The fast paced one-day course will focus solely on various techniques and components of Intuitive Healing with Animals. Included in this course will also be discussion of Animal chakras, treating an Animal in various situations, and developing your intuition to read the Animal and troubleshoot an ailment.

**Before enrolling in this course, students must give proof of having completed at least one level of another Reiki or Seichem system.