Seichem-Reiki Healing for Animals

Seichem-Reiki Healing is a safe, gentle and non-invasive form of healing that can be integrated into any healing modality. It does not cause stress, discomfort or pain to the Animal – yet it generates amazing and powerful results. Animals quickly learn the benefits of its peaceful and pleasant energy and will quite often show the healer where it hurts.

For healthy Animals, Seichem-Reiki can help to enhance relaxation and ensure optimum health and general well being. It can aid in facilitating and maintaining your Pet’s positive mental state, disposition, contentment and spiritual growth.

For Animals who are ill, Seichem-Reiki can assist the healing process at the deepest levels. The powerful energy is a safe complement to traditional veterinary care and can be utilized with any other types of alternative or holistic healing. The powerful energy gets to the core issue of the dis-ease and helps to alleviate any anxiety, pain, depression or suffering.

For Animals who are nearing their transition into Spirit, Seichem-Reiki Healing is a wonderful way to provide calm and gentle support, comfort and pain relief. Many times the Animal is worried more about leaving their human behind than they are about themselves. The tranquil energy of Seichem-Reiki helps to relieve any stress, anxiety or worries the Animal may be experiencing about their humans, and allows them to feel peace within themselves.

About Seichem-Reiki

At the end of the 19th century, a Japanese scholar named Mikaomi Usui rediscovered an ancient healing method found in Sanskrit texts. He called it Reiki, pronounced ray-key, a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki was taken to America in the 1940’s and is now widely taught and practiced around the world. Reiki is based on the premise that a Universal Life Energy is present in all living things and when this energy becomes blocked, discomfort and disease can occur.

Seichem, pronounced say-keem, is another form of energetic healing that was reputedly practiced in ancient Egypt. It works in conjunction with Reiki and helps in accelerating personal healing, spiritual development and growthSeichem uses a combination of four elemental healing rays and includes Reiki (Earth).         

The Four Elemental Healing Rays included in Seichem are:

Reiki (Earth) – is experienced as heat or cold and can benefit physical, mental and emotional health. It forms a base through which the other elemental rays can work.

Sophi-el (Water) – is felt as a gentle and pulsating coolness. It helps facilitate the healing of deep emotional issues, opens the heart to love and enhances intuitive abilities.

Angeliclight (Air and Spirit) – gives a sensation of cool gentle breezes and can facilitate mental healing. This ray helps establish a link with the angelic realms.

Sakara (Fire) – gives the impression of an effervescent tingling, much like a mild electrical current. It works in the aura to help transform blockages of any type.